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Grant Guidelines

As veterinary professionals, our founders understand that animal emergencies can be a matter of life and death. There is often no time to jump through hoops or apply for additional forms of financing. To receive funding for your pet when you need it, turn to Another Day Fund. All we ask is that you and your pet meet a few eligibility requirements. 

Pet Health Requirements

At Another Day Fund, we provide grants to assist with the cost of lifesaving or life-enhancing emergency care for pets whose owners cannot afford the cost of treatment and who reside in Southern Nevada. Our goal is to preserve the quality of life for healthy, treatable animals. To prove that your pet is both “healthy” and “treatable,” we ask for veterinary records that demonstrate the following: 

  • The condition for which you seek assistance is a treatable one, and one that would substantially decrease your pet’s quality of life if left untreated. 

  • The prognosis for your pet’s condition, with adequate care, must be good. 

  • Your pet must already have undergone an original exam and diagnostics prior to applying. 

There are Unfortunately, our grants do not cover the cost of chronic conditions at this time. Examples of chronic illness include cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, Cushing’s, Addison’s and Thyroid disease, to name a few. Chronic illnesses typically require extensive and expensive follow-up care that we are not yet equipped to fund. Examples of follow-up care include ongoing monitoring, routine lab work and prescription medications.

However, we may approve repeat labs/rads/ultrasound on the recommendation of a doctor. 

Financial Requirements

Our mission is to prevent economic euthanasia. To ensure that funding goes to individuals who need it as opposed to individuals who simply do not want to pay, we ask that you demonstrate the following: 

  • A financial need. Proof of financial need can come in the form of income statements, proof of assistance, bank statements, tax returns and other documents that grant insight into your financial situation. 

  • Proof that you applied for CareCredit but did not get approved. 

  • Proof of Southern Nevada residency.

Personal Statement

We want to know more about the pets and their owners we plan to help. When applying, please include a statement telling us about you and your furry friend. How old is your pet? What happened to cause him or her to become injured or ill? While we hope to one day fund all pet families that need it in the future, we are still a small operation and want to know: Why should we fund you over other families in need? Please be as open and honest in your answer as possible. We would also love to see pictures of your pet. 

*For fundraising purposes, we may use stories and photos on social media. If you wish to keep your story private, please indicate that in your application. 

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How to Apply

To apply for a grant from Another Day Fund, please email the following to

  • A copy of the estimate from your veterinarian for the cost of treatment, as well as your vet’s contact information. 

  • Proof of economic hardship. 

  • Proof that you applied for CareCredit and were denied.

  • Your personal statement.

  • Any other information you feel we should consider. 

We are passionate about helping all critters, large and small. We encourage you to apply if you have a pet in need, and we pledge to seriously consider every application that comes our way. However, if we are unable to finance you for any reason, we will direct you to other organizations that may be able to. 

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